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Creating Inclusive LGBTQIA+ Workplaces

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08 February 2023 00:00-00:00 LondonRegister for Event

Last week, we kicked off our first BioTalent Social event of 2023 in person with the fabulous team at OUTbio UK.  We hosted a panel discussion on ‘Creating LGBTQIA+ Workplaces in BioTech’ which touched on a plethora of talking points, such as:

Attracting LGBTQIA+ folks in biotech 
Combating the global challenges of acquiring LGBTQIA+ talent 
The importance of asking questions 
Managing commercial urgency 
How to demonstrate psychological safety 
Improving engagement in the 'silent talent' pool

Thank you to our wonderful hosts,Steven Fuller and Mirasbek Kuterbekov, our Chair for the evening, Tim Funnell, and our panellists Brian Lucksinger, Hayley Davis and Guillermo Tramontin for all your exceptional insights. We’d like to thank our audience for their contributions and support in helping create such a positive impact.

If you attended and would like to let us know your thoughts about the event, you can do so here:

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