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Forces to Pharma: Making the Leap from Military to Life Sciences

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08 November 2022 00:00-00:00

​The recent acceleration of products, services, facilities and distribution channels within the life sciences have come at a ‘breakneck speed,’ (MedTechVets, 2021) providing opportunity for greater adaptability, change and collaboration between teams.

The Department of Defence has illustrated how the medical device and life sciences industry is a viable career option for the approximate 200,000 service members transitioning to civilian life year-on-year (2021). The competence to accept a challenge head-on and swiftly change course are fundamental behaviours demonstrated within military training – these skills can prove invaluable to everyday practices within life sciences.

Join us on 8th November for our upcoming Ex-Military Careers and BioTalent Social virtual webinar session, ‘Forces to Pharma: Making the Leap from Military to Life Sciences,’ where we will address the exponential growth of the life sciences industry and discuss the plethora of opportunities this creates for ex-military personnel.

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Topics of discussion will include:

  • Top skills gained from the military – how to use them to your advantage

  • Experiences of transitioning – how to ensure this is as smooth as possible

  • Making the shift to life sciences – what should I expect?

  • How experiences in the forces can positively impact the industry

  • The shared values between the military and life sciences

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