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Women in Engineering: The Journey to Leadership

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30 November 2022 00:00-00:00

Yesterday our BioTalent Social community came together for, ‘Women in Engineering: The Journey to Leadership’ led by Shaun Robinson. We looked at why women only account for 13% of the engineering workforce, and what can be done to make a difference.  

Some of the key insights from the discussion included: 

  • Early experiences in the STEM  

  • Importance of role models  

  • Initial engineering experiences  

  • Creating safe spaces 

  • Acting as a mentor and mentee 

  • Ways to be mindful and supportive 

Thank you to our incredible panel members Christine Farner, Rebecca Ford, Bianca J. Richardson, PMP and Lynne Cooper for all your rich and comprehensive insights.  

Missed the webinar? No worries – catch up on all the action on our BioTalent YouTube channel:

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