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Tips for Maintaining and Growing Your Professional Network

​Networking has never been so accessible. It doesn’t always make it easy, but it does mean that growing and maintaining a professional network, one that creates access to all kinds of opportunities...

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Tips to Help Build Your Resignation Confidence

Is there such a thing as a good resignation? Absolutely. Does it involve setting fire to bridges, metaphorically and maybe physically, depending on where you work? Absolutely not. A good resignatio...

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Tips on Managing Multiple Job Offers

Getting swamped by multiple job offers might seem like the dream scenario (especially if you’ve spent forever trying to get noticed), but it can put you in a tricky position when you’re not prepare...

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You've Conquered the Interview, Now What?

Congratulations on conquering the interview, you made it! The hardest part of the process might be over (depending on how you look at it), but the next steps aren’t completely out of your hands…yet...

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The Interview Fundamentals

​Interviewing is a skill, and just like any other skill, it can be perfected. That’s not to say it makes the process any less nerve-wracking at the time. A dose of nervous energy isn’t always a bad...

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5 Tips for Building a Winning CV

​Despite claims of impending extinction, CVs are very much alive and kicking. In the UK, a single position draws in an average of 250 CVs – how can you ensure that yours stands out to employers for...

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Meet Our People: Jogesh Bowry

What’s it like to work at BioTalent? We caught up with the incredible Jogesh Bowry, senior recruitment consultant and Bioprocessing, MSAT, and CMC specialist here at BioTalent. Jogesh supports com...

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Voices of Pride 2023: Meet Owen Ensor

​​To celebrate Pride Month, we caught up with Owen Ensor, CEO of Good Dog Food. We were keen to find out what Pride means to Owen, as well as his background and achievements.How did you get started...

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Check out our 2023 Salary & Rate Survey Guide

​The BioTalent 2023 Salary and Day Rate Guide is here! Download your free copy for an inside look into the latest trends and challenges facing the life sciences today.Our guide covers BioTalent’s c...

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Moving Markets: Commercial Jobs in the Life Sciences

The life science talent market is full of twists, turns, and dips (particularly in 2023’s case), but amongst all the commotion, commercial talent has remained a key target for many companies in the...

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Exploring Talent in the Evolving Pharma Landscape

Pharma has a new face. A mass move towards the prioritisation of operational resilience is changing the shape of the pharmaceutical industry, and opportunities await. Emerging from a three-year hig...

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The Life-Changing Life Sciences: Jobs that Make a Difference

Breakthroughs in the life sciences have the habit of changing lives for the better, but it’s not just the end-user that benefits. The industry sports boundless opportunities for those wishing to ma...

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Are Candidates Turning Down Your Offers? Your Employer Brand Could be the Solution

In a worst-case scenario, your ideal candidate eclipses the competition, sails through the interview stage, expresses their desire to join your company, and turns down the job offer. This frustrati...

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BioTalent’s Industry Snapshots

​The rising tide of tech is transforming the shape of life sciences, but a historic lack of digital maturity has sparked concerns about the speed of progress. Supply chain management in the biophar...

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Meet our People: An Interview with Senior Consultant, Louise Cleland

​What is it like to work at BioTalent? We caught up with Louise Cleland, Senior Consultant, to discuss her career growth and job highlights.​How did you get started at BioTalent?For about six month...

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Delving into Pharmacovigilance with Indy Ahluwalia

​BioTalent welcomed the ever-insightful Indy Ahluwalia to the office! Thank you Indy for sharing your expert thoughts on the pharmacovigilance space – it’s important that we learn from the brightes...

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5 Reasons Why Your Recruitment Process Needs Work (and How to Improve It)

​The working world is a bustling interconnected network – organisations have a lot more on the line when it comes to building an employer brand nowadays, and it means they can’t afford to throw awa...

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Beyond Industry Experience: Closing Gaps with Transferrable Talent

​The life sciences are driven by the ebb and flow of innovation, piloted by technological advancements, regulatory red tape, and an elite talent pool. Many emerging life science companies are opera...

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Women's Month: Meet Lynne Cooper

Lynne is an experienced project and people manager with extensive knowledge of the life science commercial construction industry across multiple decades. She is an innovator and entrepreneur of sol...

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Innovation in AI: The UK's Big Plans

​Are there big moves being made in the UK's artificial intelligence space? It certainly looks like it. The DSIT (Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology) recently unveiled plans to ‘turb...

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