Download Our ‘Developing A Career In Quality Within Life Sciences’ White Paper

Download Our ‘Developing a Career in Quality Within Life Sciences’ White Paper

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Download Our ‘Developing a Career in Quality Within Life Sciences’ White Paper

​Our BioTalent community came together for our ‘Developing a Career in Quality within life sciences’ webinar, hosted by our very own Quality specialist, Darren O'Connor, and a panel of market-leading experts.

Download here.

The discussions explored why Quality is so important within the Life Sciences industry and what a Quality mindset means to them. We touched on what academic institutions can be doing better to help Quality professionals thrive, highlighting that perhaps the pipeline or progression ladder is not well defined.

We identified important responsibilities that a Quality professional should be accountable for, and when asked what our panel felt hindered growth within an organisation; title inflation, talent competition, remuneration and retention were all key issues. 

Some of the key highlights include:

  • A quality mindset is essential

  • There is a disconnect between higher education and real-world quality

  • Experience-based learning models to inspire the next generation of quality talent

  • When transitioning into leadership positions you must get comfortable with moving laterally

  • When considering a small company, it is really important to expand your network

  • Title inflation is an industry-wide topic

  • One of the most impactful ways to accelerate diversity is to have representation

We would like to thank our panel for their time and thought-provoking insights. Biotalent Social is part of BioTalent, we are a life sciences specialist recruitment agency. We specialise in the full spectrum of life sciences from pre-clinical all the way to commercial, reach out to Darren O'Connor for more information at