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While unremitting change is guaranteed in most areas of the life sciences, there will always be a demand for the commercialisation of new products. As the wider market dips, twists, turns, and transforms, teams with commercial skills will remain a vital aspect of the product delivery process.

A host of compounding facets have irrevocably changed the way that companies and consumers approach commercialisation, particularly in the pharma and medtech spaces.

From the post-COVID tailwind to the digital revolution, the methodologies used to market products and build brands must evolve to drive better business outcomes. This means making sure you have the right people on board.

Leveraging a wealth of industry insight, passion for people, and a diverse global talent network, BioTalent’s specialist recruiters are equipped to deliver a right-first-time approach to recruitment.

We know that Business Development, Marketing, Sales, and Brand Management are irreplaceable aspects of the life sciences, and we know what it takes to thrive in these spaces.


You have the product, now what? Getting it to the shelves, be it a new device, medicine, or any number of medical products, is an arduous multistep process. It includes obtaining regulatory approval, licensing permissions, performing post-marketing analysis, and monitoring (to name just a few).

Effective commercialisation saves money and decreases the time it takes to bring a product to market, and in an era of increasing scientific and manufacturing complexity, staying on time and budget depends on it.

A reliable commercial function is instrumental in ensuring the success of the products, the brand, and the overall business, ultimately benefitting the consumer.

Whether you want to hire or get hired, our consultants are more than recruiters, they are trusted careers advisors – reach out to the team today to start your journey with BioTalent.

Roles we cover include:

  • Brand Manager

  • Senior Brand Manager

  • Marketing Manager (All Levels)

  • Head of Marketing/Marketing Lead

  • Head of Product Management

  • Head of Business Development

  • Director of Marketing

  • VP of Business Development

  • Chief Marketing Officer

Hannah Hollamby

Hannah Hollamby

Business Manager - Clinical (EU)

Lewis Besbeech

Lewis Besbeech

Recruitment Consultant - Data Science & AI (EU)

Natalie Wattenbach

Natalie Wattenbach

Team Leader - Candidate Engagement (EU)