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Podcast Episode 20 - My Race in Life Sciences: Exploring Meaningful Allyship with Allison Jack

​‘Standing out in some way is part of the journey of life.’ In this episode of My Race in Science, we explored the infinite value of self-belief, mentoring, and meaningful allyship in the fight aga...

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Recap: Pharmacovigilance: in-house or source?

​Yesterday our BioTalent Social network joined us for our latest webinar, ‘Pharmacovigilance: in-house or outsource.' The discussion explored factors associated with using pharmacovigilance in-hous...

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Podcast Episode 17 - The Cultivated Meat Industry and LGBTQIA+ in Biotech

​In our most recent podcast, we were invited to listen to a conversation between Jogesh Bowry, Recruitment Consultant here at BioTalent, and Mirasbek Kuterbekov, Senior Scientist at Hoxton Farms wh...

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