Recap: Pharmacovigilance: in-house or source?

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Recap: Pharmacovigilance: in-house or source?

Yesterday our BioTalent Social network joined us for our latest webinar, ‘Pharmacovigilance: in-house or outsource.' The discussion explored factors associated with using pharmacovigilance in-house or outsourcing it, these were addressed while looking at how this can affect the UK market, as well as the importance of upskilling in the current climate.

We discussed a plethora of topics, including:  
🌎 The challenges of outsourcing PV  
📉 Managing costs of outsourcing 
🔍 Regulatory considerations 
💡 Outsourcing as a ‘mainstay solution’  
🔎 The vendor selection process  
💊 PV in a post-Brexit era  
⭐ The in-house talent shortage  

Thank you to our expert panellists Nahed Souadkia, Dr Mahalakshmi Elluri, Kieran O'Donnell and Tamara Herceg for all their comprehensive insights, and thank you also, to our audience who stayed with us for our virtual networking session!

Missed the webinar? No worries – catch up on all the action by watching our video footage below.